As President and CEO of Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group, Daniel Lamarre is responsible for nurturing the delicate balance between the company’s global strategy (across five continents), its financial growth and stability, and the integrity of its culture and values. Among his greatest achievements include the execution of complex negotiations resulting in signed agreements with THE BEATLES and MICHAEL JACKSON’s estate. Cirque du Soleil’s production of ‘LOVE’ based on THE BEATLES’ music is the only live show ever agreed to by the iconic group. The celebration of Michael Jackson’s life and work ‘ONE’ was produced after competing with other entertainment giants who had established relationships with Michael Jackson’s estate. Both accomplishments required outstanding business skills to be brought to the fore.

Daniel’s strength is his ability to marry the needs of disparate groups and interests, finding positive solutions and outcomes for all. A skill he has fine-tuned throughout his career, with TVA Broadcast Group, NATIONAL Public Relations, and Burson Marsteller.

In 2012 he collaborated on the creation of C2MTL Conference, a one-of-a-kind coming together of the creative and business elite of the world. It is a platform for exploring creative answers to commercial questions. In line with his belief that without creativity, there is no commerce.

Daniel has been three times honored with Doctorates from McGill University, Trois-Rivières University, and his alma mater the University of Ottawa. Daniel was also recently honored by The Order of Canada.

"International development does not mean taking a global approach, but rather breaking through, market by market."

- Daniel Lamarre


Daniel Lamarre’s outlook is resolutely international, but his roots are firmly in his tiny home town of Grand-Mère, Quebec, Canada. This strong sense of self and values is fundamental to how Daniel does business, but it is also a source of great personal satisfaction. Daniel has a close bond with his parents, Gilles and Pauline. His Dad helped him get his first job on a newspaper at 16 after all!

Father of two grown children, and grandfather of five lovely grandchildren, Daniel enjoys a happy home life with his wife the photographer Emmanuelle Dupérré and her two sons.

Passionate about sports, Daniel is a huge fan. He used to play hockey, football, and track and field and will gladly tell you all the stories you care to hear about his sporting days.

Concerned with education, health, and welfare matters, Daniel significantly supports several worthy charities, namely, the One Drop Foundation, with its mission to fight poverty by providing access to safe water, as well as Cirque du Monde, a worldwide social circus program targeting at-risk youth. Daniel is also a member of the Board of Directors for the Montreal Heart Institute Foundation since 1994.”

"As the leader of a creative organization, it is my job to encourage everyone to come up with new ideas."

- Daniel Lamarre